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Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

Each Academy has the capacity for Sixty (60) middle school youth who are in grades 5th – 8th grades.  The program is for student-athletes AND non-athletes.  However, youth will be expected to participate in outdoor and physical activities, sports, team building sessions and classroom workshops.  Keeping with our values, the Academy is open to youth and families who typically would have not have access to these types of programs due to economic or other circumstances.

The Academy is open to youth across the local region but emphasis is placed on youth in the local neighborhoods as the Academy site is often more accessible.  Recruitment as well as transportation logistics take place through partnerships with like-mind organizations, athletic leagues and local middle schools.

To participate, each student must complete an Academy application requiring parental signatures.  In addition, each student must provide reference form from a mentor, coach or teacher (attached to the application).  This is the student’s first measure of responsibility and showcasing their investment in the opportunity they are about to receive.  Appropriate help to complete this section is available for students should they require it.

For registration information, view your local city’s page.