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PlaySmart Omaha is anchored by a strong local advisory board, committed volunteers and lead by national board member, Derek Leathers.  PlaySmart prides itself on having long-term relationships with local athletic leagues, schools, mentoring and youth development organizations.  The PlaySmart Academy has also been launched in Omaha providing both rural and urban youth academic and athletic opportunities.

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  • What’s Happening in Omaha

    • Accelerated Reader City Challenge
      Accelerated Reader City Challenge
      The Elkhorn Playsmart Leadership Academy students decided to do an AR challenge. They called it the AR CITY CHALLENGE. In all 4 middle schools there are roughly 2,000 student combined. We have...
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    • PlaySmart Academy empowers middle schoolers to become leaders
      PlaySmart Academy empowers middle schoolers to become leaders
      “SLANT!” commands PlaySmart Leadership Academy counselor Mark McKelvy. Fifty-seven middle school students straighten their cores and lean forward intently, eyes attentively locked onto those of their instructor. “Don’t SLANT!” booms McKelvy. The...
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    • Another Historic Summer for PlaySmart
      Another Historic Summer for PlaySmart
      PlaySmart Academies held in Six different Cities! Beginning in Omaha and Denver and ending in New York, this has been one busy summer PlaySmart.  Our flagship program  was enjoyed by hundreds of kids across the...
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    • PlaySmart Supports Student Athletes
      PlaySmart Supports Student Athletes
      Scholarships to be given throughout the year PlaySmart is making good on it’s commitment to support young people not only on the playing field or court but also in the classroom and in the community. ...
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    • Lids Foundation Awards PlaySmart 10K!
      Lids Foundation Awards PlaySmart 10K!
      PlaySmart recently was named a national semi-finalist for the Lids’ Tip the Hat Award recognizing top organizations around the country for their work keeping kids healthy and active. Lids, the hat and sports apparel company...
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