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Denver is one of PlaySmart’s newest cities.   The PlaySmart Academy happens each summer as well as school year type programming and special events.  With great partners and support, PlaySmart has been able to have an impact on kids primarily in the northeast part of the city.

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  • What’s Happening in Denver

    • Another Historic Summer for PlaySmart
      Another Historic Summer for PlaySmart
      PlaySmart Academies held in Six different Cities! Beginning in Omaha and Denver and ending in New York, this has been one busy summer PlaySmart.  Our flagship program  was enjoyed by hundreds of kids across the...
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    • Denver Academy a big success!
      Denver Academy a big success!
      Just when it couldn’t get any hotter for two weeks in July it did but that didn’t keep over 40 local youth from participating in the PlaySmart Dever Academy.  The Academy was held at Rachel...
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